Common Misconceptions about Boudoir Photography

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By now, anyone that's been following me or my boudoir page, or has entered a conversation with me about boudoir photography, knows that I am absolutely in love with the boudoir side of my business and just boudoir photography in general. I think it's such an empowering session for women and just an overall fun experience to give yourself. But many people do not understand how being half-naked can empower a women. I still occasionally get that 'look' when I tell people that I shoot boudoir photography. I think it's hard for people to look past the part of these sessions that involves women being scantily clad and posing 'sexy'. I'd like to touch on some of these common misconceptions.

1. Boudoir is NOT Pornography

Boudoir Photography is an artistic form of photography that is meant to celebrate and embrace a woman's body. It is not meant to exploit or sexualize women. Women are stunning and incredible creations that should be celebrated. Unlike pornography, which is made to satisfy the urges of others, boudoir is meant to gain that confidence and self-love for yourself. Are there some photographers that cross that line, certainly. I am not one of them and there are many other photographers that only wish to capture beautiful works of art.

2. Why do women need to do a Boudoir session to feel empowered?

I would never presume to think that every woman needs to do a boudoir session to feel empowered or embrace themselves. Maybe there are women that are confident enough in themselves, and God love those women! Most women are so consumed with our own imperfections and flaws, we can't see what everyone else sees. Boudoir sessions are shot in a private studio/location, with only the photographer present, in judgement-free environments. This allows women to not only embrace their bodies and feel empowered, but also do something that may be a little out of their comfort zone and express ourselves in way that we don't always get to and have fun in the process.

3. If Women are naturally beautiful, why do they need to have their hair and makeup done for these sessions?

Women ARE naturally beautiful. It's not our physical beauty that make us beautiful, it's our strong spirits and beautiful souls that do. Yes, makeup and hair are part of the sessions. Not only does it give clients a little time to get pampered by an amazing team of women, but it also allows time for my team and myself to help any remaining nerves that are lingering. There's so many laughs and smiles shared while clients are getting ready.

4. Why do I have to wear lingerie?

You do NOT have to wear lingerie. I have had women wear jeans, t-shirts, tank tops and flannels and they are just as beautiful as women in lingerie.

5. I am not in shape enough, young enough....

Oh man, this one is always so tough for me to hear. No one is perfect. There's no such thing as perfection. Sure, there's women that certainly look physically perfect.. I guarantee those women will tell you something they don't like about themselves.  I always have women tell me 'someday' I will do one of those sessions. Life is so short. Embrace the body you have NOW instead of waiting for that illusive day to love yourself. LOVE YOURSELF TODAY.

6. I don't have anyone to give these images to.

Many of my sessions are booked as a gift for a significant other, and it's a great gift. That does not mean you need to have someone to give these pictures to. Allow yourself to be the person you book a session for, give yourself a gift that you will love. I promise, you won't regret it.

7. There's no point in taking photos that I will not allow the photographer to share or that I won't be able to share.

As to the first part of this statement. I would love to share every single session I shoot, but above that, I also respect my clients privacy. If you tell me you don't want anyone to see these photos, then no one will. About half the sessions I've shot have chose to not allow me to use their images, and I respect that decision. As to the second part. I do think most women assume they won't want anyone to see their photos before doing a session, but I'd put money on how many have shown not only friends, but also family once they see how beautiful their images are.

8. The packages are too expensive, I can't afford it/I can't spend that much money on photos.

I had reservations on talking about this one, only because talking about money is always an awkward conversation, at least it is for me. Boudoir sessions are more money than most sessions, but there's a lot that goes into them. The hair and makeup, a book (depending on your package) and the hours both behind a camera and computer all add up. I've tried to make my packages as affordable as possible, while still being able to also provide for my family, because it is how I make my living at the end of the day. Outside of the deposit, I don't ask for the total package price up front. You can make whatever is comfortable for you in payments, up to 1 week prior to your session date. As too it being too much money to spend on yourself, I couldn't disagree more. You deserve to give yourself this gift and it's one that you'll have forever.

When it comes down to it, there's many people that will have an opinion on boudoir photography regardless of what I say. You have to make your own decision about these sessions and whether you want to do one. I encourage any woman to talk with me or even schedule a consult to talk to me about these sessions, with no pressure to book a session. My hope and desire is only to help empower women and make them see what the world sees. 



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