She is truly amazing. The way she captures all the fun and love in our family is beautiful. She works wonders with our kids. We truly couldn't be happier with the pictures, fun, and memories!


Brianna is so talented. She takes our family pictures every year, and has never disappointed. She gets amazing shots of our family, including my little ones who can be uncooperative at times, to say the least. One year our son had a full on crying tantrum, but she calmed him down and even got him to smile, and his individual shots were still fantastic. You couldn't even tell he'd just been throwing an exorcist-style fit! She has a natural eye for artistic and beautiful shots that she has perfected with her many years of experience. I always have a hard time deciding which shots to print and frame because they are all so beautiful. I cannot recommend her enough. Do yourself a favor and hire this woman!

Never in my life have I felt as confident as I did when Bri was encouraging me throughout my shoot. I went back and forth with the idea of doing one of these shoots for about 5 years, before I finally booked one. Bri is just truly AMAZING. From start to finish she guides you through and gives genuine advice. She doesn’t make any decisions for you, so you still feel like you have control but never lacking guidance if you aren’t sure what you want or what to do. She truly cares for and about her clients, is always available for questions or just to talk and never once did I feel like I was bothering her or asking a dumb question. The moment I met her I knew I made the right decision and by the end of the shoot I was asking myself why I didn’t just book one sooner and also deciding that I would definitely be booking with Bri again. I’ll forever be an advocate for these shoots and what they can do for women. Book with Bri, you won’t regret it. Do. The. Shoot. ❤️