'Beauty is the opposite of perfection. It's about confidence, charisma and character.'


Session Details


Pre-session consultation before your session.  Private consultation where we will discuss every detail for your session.

A boudoir experience in our private studio. We will also travel to your home and/or do an outdoor session.

On-site professional makeup and hair styling.  A trusted team of professionals to pamper you for your session.

Complimentary beverages and treats. There will be water, wine and mimosas and a treat available to help you relax while you are pampered. (Must be of legal age to consume alcohol.)

Professionally retouching and editing of your images. Images are carefully selected and edited to ensure quality.

Private viewing/selection consultation. We understand that boudoir photography is a very private and intimate session and we take your privacy very seriously. A private consultation will take place for your viewing and selecting your images, according to the package you purchased.




- I have never done this before, will you help me prepare?

My team and myself are here to help you every step of the way. From your pre-session consultation until the very end of your shoot. From outfit choices to posing during the session, we will help in every possible way to make sure your experience is amazing.

-How far in advance do I need to book my session?

I recommend booking your session 8-10 weeks before you would like to receive your final product. 

-I don't think I can afford to do one of these sessions?

You can break up the package total in payments. That's also why I recommend booking 8-10 weeks out.

-Will you post my pictures online?

I will only use images from your session for advertising and marketing with your permission. While I do very much want to use your photos for those purposes, I value your privacy and will understand if you do not want me to. All clients are asked to sign a model release form, when you can either consent or deny use of your images.

-I am not in shape or I am too old to for this type of session?

My goal in shooting these sessions is to give empowerment to every woman and to allow them to see and feel just how beautiful you are. I am skilled and experienced in posing woman to flaunt and accentuate your beautiful body.

-I have cellulite, stretch marks or acne, will you fix it?

Removal of cellulite, stretch marks and acne is part of my editing process and included in your purchase. I will not, however, make your body anything other than normal.

-I am not married/engaged and/or do not have a significant other to give the images to?

While many times these sessions are booked for that very special someone in your life, there are also booked to explore and display a woman's inner and outer beauty for herself. Celebrate who you are right now and walk away in your confidence that you are incredible and beautiful.

-Where will the session take place?

I have a home studio set up for boudoir sessions. I am also open to shooting your session outdoors or in the privacy of your home.

-Can I see the studio before my session?

Yes, and I actually encourage our pre-consultation session to take place here so you can familiarize yourself with it.

-Can I bring my spouse, significant other or friend during my session?

Unless you have scheduled a Couples Boudoir session, I would actually prefer that you don’t. I have created an all female environment due to the sensitive nature of this session. I also have found that having a friend/companion can distract you and make you more self-conscience. There are times and situations that I am okay with a friend being with you.

-Who will be in the studio during my session?

Unless discussed otherwise, my team will leave when they are done preparing you for your session. You and I will be the only two in the studio while I am shooting.

-Do you provide outfits or do I bring my own?

You will provide the outfits for your session.

-How long does the shoot take?

You can plan to spend between 3-4 hours at the studio.

-Will you shoot full nudity?

I am open to ideas, however, I will not shoot any pictures that I find to be vulgar or expletive in nature. If I find that it falls in these categories, I will ask you to change positions/outfits. While I want to bring your ideas to life, I also ask that respect my expertise and style of shooting.


Please contact me for further details and information on packages.