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I am so very excited to announce that I'm now offering Boudoir Photography sessions! This has been several months in the making. I have an amazing team that I work with for these sessions that I have the utmost respect for and have no doubt that they will make every woman not only look, but feel absolutely beautiful. Let me tell you how this all came to be.

About a year ago, my best friend and I were talking about my work. I was telling her how much fun I thought Boudoir Photography would be to shoot. My friend was newly engaged and getting ready to be married in a few months. She asked if I would shoot a boudoir session for her as a gift for her fiancee. I was hesitant at first because I'd never shot a boudoir session, but I thought 'why not'. I discovered two things that day, I had more fun than I thought possible shooting her but also that I was very good at it. That's a big statement for me. I am and always will be that person and photographer that wants to do better than the last time I shot a session and strives to find the things I can get better at. But I walked out from shooting her boudoir session feeling like I  could not have done anything better and that I nailed it. Editing her pictures only confirmed that feeling.

So that got my wheels turning, could this be a session I offered? I started researching Boudoir Photography and it's a growing field for photographers. It was a very popular form of photography years ago, but dwindled after time and is now coming back with a vengeance. The hardest part about selling this type of photography is that it's a very intimate and private session that many woman aren't comfortable doing because of insecurities with themselves. But also, there's this aura about boudoir that it's a dirty or tasteless type of photography. I'd like to touch on both of these.

While there are some photographers that take boudoir to a tasteless level, it's not somewhere I'd take my work. There's so much work out there that is just simply breathtaking and beautiful. The boudoir sessions I'm speaking of look like art and not just a pretty picture. That's what I want my work to be considered as, art. The kind of photos you can show anyone, that you'll want to show everyone.

Now I needed to figure out how I was going to convince woman to want to do these sessions. How do you help a woman look past her insecurities? Here's the thing, every woman I've ever met is insecure about something on her body. Which is the very reason why you should do a boudoir session. Our imperfections are what make us unique and perfect in our own way. Celebrating who you are right now, that's what these sessions are about. I want every woman to walk away from my sessions and feel empowered by her own beauty. To feel as beautiful on the outside as you are on the inside.

So now I had this idea, but that's all it was, an idea. Boudoir Photography isn't a service you can find in Yakima, at least not the way I wanted to shoot boudoir. You can go to Seattle or Tri-Cities and find it there, but it's pretty unheard of here. So how do you sell something that's not widely known, or possibly  unaccepted, in your town. Well, first you find a great team. 

I started with my make-up artist, Erika Boutillier. I had seen and heard about her work as an esthetician. She was my first and most obvious choice. I can't tell you how nervous I was trying to sell an idea to someone I only barely knew at the time, and persuade her into putting faith and time into me and my idea. I can tell you with complete honesty, that even after she said yes, it was just as nerve racking when I met with my two hair-stylists Mandy Thornton and Daisy Carrillo. These ladies are amazing at what they do and have an ability to make woman feel comfortable and beautiful. I have no doubt in my mind that I picked the right women to work with me on these sessions.

Next was shooting test sessions. Boudoir photography is a very private, intimate session. Most people do these sessions with the comfort of knowing that only the photographer, significant other and themselves will be the only people to see their photos. Finding people that were comfortable with me using their photos for advertising would be tricky. I've been very fortunate to find people that let me do just that.

There's the history on this idea I had a year ago. There are no words for me to explain how very excited I am to see this idea come to life. I have always loved photography for as long as I can remember and have been shooting portrait photography for years now. Being able to offer a session that will be so empowering and personally beautiful to the woman that choose to do it, that is something I am very passionate about.

With this being a very new session I offer, I'm still working on getting the information up on my website. I promise to have information up very soon, but in the meantime I welcome and ask you to send me any inquiries you have about these sessions.


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